Our Favourite Law Ball 2014 Moments!

We would like to share our favourite moments of Law Ball 2014 with you! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Anna (Campaigns Manager at University of Kent) :


“I just love John’s face! You can tell that he is thrilled with the work of KLCSG and the support other law students are giving them. Best photobomb ever!”

Emily (Chair) :


“This makes me think of when everyone started going for it with the dancing!”

Noren (Vice Chair) :


“And this my friends, is what fun looks like.”

Has (Treasurer):


“Alors On Danse”

Chereece (Secretary) :


“Because I’m happyyyy”

Sophie (Social Secretary) :


“Singing and dancing the night away.”

Vicki (Publicity Officer) :


“The acoustic sets getting underway!”

Eddie (Technical Officer) :


“Extreme Twister: You know you had a good night if you end up looking like this.”

Sharlott (Communications Officer) :


“This amalgamates the Law Ball: People dressed to the nines, having fun, with James Bond esque glam.”

Sarita (Campaigns Officer) :


“Prop-ing it all night.”

Shanice (Fundraising Officer) :


“Lights, camera and lots of love. Even the performers, Stroke of Luck could not resist taking part in the fun.”

Ju (International Fundraising Officer) :


“The gorgeous Kent Law Campaign Student Committee and Anna! (2013-14)”



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